23 Apr FLOW Seminar | Artur Drozdz
24 Apr MISU Seminar | Dr. Valerio Lembo
24 Apr EES Seminar by Elisabeth Herndon
26 Apr FLOW Seminar | Cristian Marchioli
26 Apr ACES Seminar | Mikko Sipilä
26 Apr MISU Review Seminar | Karolina Seigel
27 Apr IGV | PhD defense by Henrik Swärd
3 May MISU Review Seminar | Roman Bardakov
4 May NG Guest lecture | Torbjörn Törnqvist
7 May Brøgger seminar series | Zhonghui Liu
8 May Bolin Centre Seminar Series | Research Area 4
8 May MISU theme “Earth in Space” seminar
15 May MISU Guest Seminar | Jan Nordström
Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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